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Navigating an Insurance Claim for Storm Damage
roof repair
Pro Roofing USA can help with storm damage that turns into further roofing issues if left unresolved.
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Severe environmental conditions can have a significant impact on the wear of a roof, from high-speed winds, hail storms, to extensive water damage. What appears to be minor damages can often result in long-term financial endeavors and further issues if not dealt with immediately. Bobby Blackburn, owner, and CEO of Pro Roofing USA located in Newburgh Indiana claims that when it comes to storm damage it is best to consult with a qualified professional who can help navigate homeowners through the entire claims process. Pro roofing USA specializes in insurance claims for storm damage and will work alongside clients to help determine which repair option is best for them. With extensive experience in roofing, seamless gutters, and sidings, Bobby Blackburn and his team of experts value dedication and a strong work ethic.

When to File a Claim

Knowing whether or not to file an insurance claim can be a difficult decision and should begin by performing a visual check on the exterior of the home. Homeowners should proceed by contacting a local professional who can help determine the severity of the situation. From missing shingles to large cracks and water damage, a contractor can provide a written estimate of the amount of repairs needed. Likewise, a professional can then advise an individual whether or not to begin the process. Contacting the claims department of the insurance company should be done as soon as possible as many companies have stipulations which limit the amount of time an individual has to file a claim. Pro Roofing USA will perform a thorough inspection of the storm affected area and their highly trained professionals will identify any causes for concern.

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Pro Roofing USA: Ensure detailed accounts of the storm including the date and time and the extent of the damage.
How to File a Claim

After receiving the go-ahead from a local contractor, individuals should document all details of the storm-related damage to send to their insurance provider. Ensure detailed accounts of the storm including the date and time and the extent of the damage. Individuals should ensure that they send a multitude of photos from various angles, accurately depicting the state of the roof. It is often a good idea to take pictures of the property before a storm hits, so a homeowner can have comparison pictures if needed.

Once the insurance company determines the amount of coverage one will receive it is best to choose a contractor that has extensive storm damage experience. Once the contractor receives all required materials they begin work either repairing or replacing the roof.

Trust the Experts

Pro Roofing USA specializes in both commercial and residential roofing solutions, and have the experience and expertise to solve any roofing issue.

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