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In the wake of terrible natural disasters that have tainted the year of 2017, millions of people found out why good construction matters. Unfortunately, some of them had to learn this the hard way as they became victims of broken roofs, flooded homes, and destroyed properties. As a consequence, many fields of manual labor started booming in the second half of the last year since there were thousands of homes that needed repairs. In most cases, the common thing that needed fixing in all these scenarios were roofs. So, what did the unforeseeable hurricanes teach people about proper roofing?

Responsiveness Matters

When it comes to independent contractors or manual laborers who work in roofing services, responsiveness is probably the most crucial element of their practice. Consider, for example, the degree of urgency that someone whose roof has been penetrated will have while looking for individuals to fix it. After all, trying to live in a home without a roof for even one night is comparable to attempting to drive a vehicle stuck in neutral. Thus, the overall efficiency of a worker who does this job will be directly related to how rapid their responses to inquiries are. So, before deciding to establish a relationship with any individual repairer, buyers should pay close attention to how prompt their responses to messages or calls are.

Maintenance Is the Key

According to Bobby Blackburn who is the Chief Executive Officer of an Indiana-based company called Pro Roofing USA, one of the best methods of roof preservation is frequent maintenance. The reason why it is essential comes from its diagnostic ability to point out the areas of concern. For example, some homes may be located in areas where loose debris involving leaves, branches, and other materials is very common. As time goes by, this seemingly harmless debris can accumulate and start affecting the roof and house pipes in a negative manner that causes them to deteriorate. Without a detailed inspection, however, it is impossible to denote that these types of dangers even exist. Thus, one must be very attentive and hire a qualified professional who will take a look at the roof every 6-12 months at least.

Independent Contractors Must be Proactive

Another piece of important advice that Bobby Blackburn from Pro Roofing USA has to offer deals with workers’ proactive behavior. If an independent contractor is negotiating a price on a repair without visiting the home and making a hands-on observation, they are not the right one for the job. Since the cost of repairing someone’s roof is closely related to the amount of work and materials necessary, it is almost impossible to quote a price without seeing the actual state of the property. Thus, potential clients should stay away from those laborers who are unwilling to visit their homes and meet in person. Generally speaking, they are more likely to overestimate the costs compared to a company like Pro Roofing USA that demands a face-to-face meeting and a free quote before any long-term relationships are formed.

Ethics Play a Big Role

Although it may seem unimaginable, it was not uncommon for companies to raise their prices for roofing services after the hurricanes in 2017. After all, there are no specific laws that make it illegal to set prices at competitive levels. With independent contractors, the sheer amount of work that existed after the natural disaster caused them to increase rates so that they can reduce the demand for their services since they were physically not able to help everyone. Customers should not view this as an unethical act, but instead as simple strategic planning that goes hand in hand with the basic rules of economics. What should not happen, however, is extreme price gouging that involves sellers who spike their prices beyond the level of reasonability. This is a type of price manipulation that has been illegal for decades. Hence why the law enforcement fined a plethora of people who sold a gallon of water for north of $10 in Houston right after Hurricane Harvey destroyed a third of the city. Luckily, the number of Hollywood stars who were willing to step in and provide financial support during these times somewhat offset the high prices of regular food items.

The Security

One of the easiest ways to avoid having buyer’s remorse is to look for those companies or independent contractors that will offer decent warranties on their services. That way, if there are two companies offering the same quote yet only one of them comes with a 5-year warranty, picking the one to go with should be a no-brainer. Warranties send a message that the company is confident in their work and does not mind giving the customer an option to call them to fix the roof for free if things unexpectedly go south. Make sure to hire a contractor like Pro Roofing USA who consistently provides excellent after-sales service.

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