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Will My Insurance Pay for a Full Replacement or a Repair?

Having to replace or a repair a roof can be an emotionally and financially taxing situation depending on the severity of the damage. There is a multitude of reasons why an individual may find themselves looking to replace their roof, and the amount of insurance coverage is dependent on various factors including the age of the roof and the liability of the homeowner. Bobby Blackburn, the Owner, and CEO of Pro Roofing USA, located in Newburgh Indiana claims that it is important to remember that all insurance companies have varying exterior home insurance policies and each company will have different coverage limits and deductibles.

Pro Roofing USA specializes in insurance claims for storm damages and can help individuals successfully navigate through the entire claims process. Bobby claims that some of the factors that an insurance company may take into consideration when deciding on the amount of coverage include the following:

The Age of the Roof

If a roof is under ten years old, homeowners are more likely to receive full coverage for the cost of replacement or repairs. However, when it comes to older roofs, owners may only receive the depreciated value. After filing a claim, an insurance company will send a representative to evaluate damages. If the damage is a result of natural wear and tear, the repairs will not be covered.

house exterior
Pro Roofing USA recommends regular maintenance on your roof in order to get the most out of insurance claims when an accident happens
The Liability of the Homeowner

Although some circumstances are unavoidable, Bobby Blackburn claims that it is essential to obtain regular maintenance on a roof to avoid long-term financial hardships. Replacing missing shingles and cutting down dead trees on the property are proactive ways to ensure one receives full coverage. Similarly, mold that is the result of water damage is generally not covered by insurance. Typically damages that result from the failure to perform regular maintenance will not be reimbursed by insurance companies.

Water Damage

Homes located in high-risk flood areas are not covered by insurance for water damages due to natural disasters. Individuals living in these areas need to obtain coverage that is specific to their area. Furthermore, water damage that is the result of sewage back-ups is often not covered as the issue is due to negligence and improper maintenance.

Pro Roofing USA values customer service and pays close attention to the unique needs of their clientele. With over 28 years of industry experience, Bobby Blackburn and his team of qualified professionals have helped countless individuals work with their insurance providers.

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