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Local Contractors With the Skills to Restore Your Roof

Our owner and founder, Bob Blackburn, built this company into a national brand based on the principles of hard work, dedication, and complete commitment to customer satisfaction. With more than 28 years of experience in the construction industry, he knew our clients deserved experienced, attentive tradespeople working closely with them on every roofing project, from minor repairs to new installations, in order to build a company they could trust. Combining our advanced capabilities with the right drive and motivation, Pro-Roofing USA has gone from a passion project to one of the leading roofing, siding, and seamless gutter companies in the nation.

Bob Blackburn

A Company Built on Customer-First Principles

As an industry leader, Pro-Roofing USA of Florida promotes a strong customer experience as the foundation of their business. We are committed to delivering top-quality service at the best possible price with no surprise costs. We have perfected our skills and methods over the years and earned a committed client base that continues to make my company grow. Pro-Roofing USA of Florida values transparency above all else, and we work with clients to execute a plan that is specific to an individual’s unique needs.

We know you need repairs and installations done quickly when your roof is damaged, so our responsiveness to your requests is second-to-none. We give you expert, onsite evaluations for all our assistance. This is the only way we can properly diagnose and assess any areas of damage, give you a proper price quote and schedule and be proactive to provide you with the personalized service that has made us who we are. Our company knows so much of our work depends on materials and personnel.

Pro-Roofing USA of Florida knew building a business from the ground up would be a challenging endeavor and that obstacles are inevitable. But ultimately, with the right mindset and qualifications, we realized our goal and continue on to this day, knowing that anything is possible.

Contact Us for All Your Professional Roofing Needs

Learning the value of quality construction from your chosen contractor can be a harsh lesson. Without proper research and a strong service reputation, you’re taking a chance. Pro-Roofing USA of Florida invites you to eliminate the hassle, headache, and uncertainty when it comes to expert roof services and choose us for all your needs. No matter what the size, scale, or specs of your roofing project, we’ll be there for you with professional, responsive assistance and affordable prices that make all the difference. Contact us today for your free roof evaluation.

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